PACT SWAP is an Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain based AMM exchange with liquidity incentivized through farming mechanics and unique NFT for achievement's gamification
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Earn on Farming
Stake PACT and earn PACT
Mine NFT token and earn PACT
PACT Farming
Farming smart contract manages the distribution of the yield as part of the liquidity farming process in the pools of the PACT ecosystem and third-party accredited pools on other partner platforms.
10 Million PACT
10 Million PACT
Every member of the DeFi community may become the owner of a unique NFT token, which records all the achievements of the account.
Create a Hero
Get unique NFT token
Collect achievements
Earn PACT tokens
Add liquidity to DeFi projects and earn on trading commissions
Earn tokens on Yield Farming
Trade with DeFi projects and earn on the price difference
Develop your risk analysis skills and make money on forecasting
Boost your Hero and collect
achievement points!
Hero's Rank
17 LVL
How to get achievement
Warrior- the development of this skill is carried out by providing liquidity to the liquidity pairs.
To calculate this indicator, the following data from transaction of adding liquidity to the liquidity pool is used:
the adding block, the number of LP tokens, the LP share in the total pool. Every 1000 blocks are worth achievement points.
Number of blocks in liquidity = Current block - LP adding block
Farmer- development of this skill is carried out due to the LP tokens number and share in the general pool.
To calculate this indicator, the following data from the transaction for adding an LP token to farming is used:
the addition block, the number of LP tokens, the share of LP in the total pool. Every 1000 blocks are worth achievement points.
Number of blocks in farming = Current block - LP addition block
Trader- the development of this skill is carried out by making transactions in the network.
1 SWAP transaction = 1 achievement point
Predictor- the development of this skill is carried out through active participation in the lottery.
1 lottery transaction = 1 achievement point
How to upgrade NFT token?
Basic achievement options will be introduced at the beginning. The community chooses new options to be added by voting.
Delegation of NFT to mining
Mine your NFT Hero token and get increased
bonuses in PACT tokens for your Hero achievements.
Sale and purchase NFT heroes
Sell NFT upgraded character on the free market, buy
a new NFT token and upgrade a new character.
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Value of  PACT token
  • Purchase of your first unique character with PACT
  • PACT tokens are used in voting to add new achievements to the system
  • Upgraded Heroes provide more PACT mining bonuses
P2PB2B Exchange Role in PACT Ecosystem
The P2PB2B exchange is an excellent marketing resource for the PACT token. A large community of the exchange got access to the coin immediately after its release. And with the help of the referral program, the number of community members has increased several times. Additional gamifications and promotions of the PACT token on the exchange allow PACT to have a strong background from the active community.
Within the CEX ecosystem of the exchange, the PACT token provides users with additional opportunities. They may earn money by participating in earning and staking sessions and receiving exclusive coin airdrops. Also, the community can save money by paying commissions in PACT and getting an additional discount thanks 
to the fee level feature.
With the help of the PACT token, our team plans to involve users of CEX exchanges 
in activity on DEX platforms. This will give a new impulse to the development of the decentralized exchange market, and will attract more active players and investments 
in this crypto sector.
Decentralized platforms is a new word in a finance system
DEX is a new stage in the development of the cryptocurrency world. Platforms of this type do not require any mediator for carrying out transactions. It is just an exchange space, all assets are stored in the digital wallets of users. But various decentralized crypto platforms are not the same and your experience fully depends on which DEX you have chosen.
Decentralized Crypto PactSwap
PactSwap is a gamified decentralized crypto exchange launched in 2021 by the PACT Team. This DeFi project is unique for giving users an excellent opportunity to make crypto deals and earn money in as simple as fascinating form. This is a crypto fantasy world where you can select Heroes and level up them, just like in a classic RPG. But although the setting is fantastic, all earnings from participating are real.
Characters of which class do you prefer: liquidity warriors, yield farmers, traders, or mysterious predictors? All of them have their own features making the world more interesting to be explored. The platform gives you a great opportunity to sell upgraded characters and buy new ones through purchasing NFT tokens. Join PactSwap, level up your characters, and convert them into cash!